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1. Lake Michigan

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Probably the most popular activity to do in the summer is to hit Lake Michigan. Whether it’s to soak up the sun on the beaches or enjoy a breathe-taking sunset, this is the place to be during the summer! Although it is not encouraged, you are said to be able to drink the water you are swimming in because it is a freshwater lake (6th largest freshwater lake in the world).


2. Wrigley field

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Not many things can top grabbing a hot dog and a cold beer for a day game at Wrigley Field. Known for its ivy-covered brick outfield walls, Wrigley is the second oldest active ballpark in the MLB (Fenway Park in Boston is the oldest). Don’t feel like sitting through an entire game? Grab some food and drinks at a local establishment that overlook the field and let the party begin!


3. Navy Pier

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Not into baseball or partying? No worries! The Navy Pier offers a great time with a family atmosphere. Attractions like the famous Ferris wheel along with the musical carousel are reasons why The Navy Pier is one of the most visited landmarks in the entire Midwest (Chicago’s number one tourist attraction). Renovations are scheduled to be completed by Summer 2015 so make sure you stop by!


4. Millennium Park

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Millennium Park is Chicago’s second most visited tourist attraction. With features such as the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, AT&T Plaza, Gloud Gate (Also known as the “Bean”), Crown Fountain etc. It’s no surprise that Millennium Park is the place to be during the summer. Originally designed to celebrate the Millennium, nagging redesigns and budget overruns delayed its opening till 2004. Located above the commuter rail, it is considered the World’s largest rooftop garden.


5. Street Festivals/Taste of Chicago

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Chicago hosts more than 400 street festivals each year, showcasing the city’s ethnic food, music and customs. The biggest street festival of the year as well as the World’s largest food festival is the “Taste of Chicago”. Celebrated annually in mid-July at Grant Park, swarms of people gather the streets to listen to live music and taste all the delicious food! If your planning on making a trip during the summer, make sure you schedule it around this!



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