Posted by Jeremy Waszak

Monday mornings can be rough. Wake up and get the most out of your day with these 5 simple habits. 

1. Don't Snooze

The thought of an extra 10 minutes of sleep is hard to overcome, but researchers believe that snoozing can actually reset your sleep cycle. Getting up after your first alarm can help eliminate that groggy feeling which can really help on Mondays. 

2. Ignore You're Phone and other Electronics

Not checking your phone first thing in the morning isn't as easy as it sounds. Most people check their phones before they even get out of their beds. Your phone causes distractions. Emails, texts, missed calls, news, all these things can set your mind into a frenzy. You don't want to overwhelm your brain as soon as you wake. Try checking your phone 1 hour after you wake for a month and see the difference in your morning.

3. Breakfast

Think of breakfast as your fuel. Running on empty is sure to ruin your day. Make sure you have a healthy, nutritious breakfast to give your body and mind the energy it needs to get ready for the day ahead. 

Check out my favorite healthy breakfast recipes. They're all quick and easy.

4. Stretch/Exercise

Nothing like a nice stretch! Stretching is similar to fueling your body. Wake your body up by stretching for 5-10 minutes. Throw in some pushups or even go for a run and you'll see stress and anxiety really start to dwindle overtime. 

5. Plan Your Day

This seems kind of obvious, but planning out your day can really increase performance. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it the best you can. Break it out by priorities so when you do hit a bump in your day you know which tasks can wait and which can't.



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