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Back to School Essentials

1. G-Shock Digital Watch

Photo via gshock_us Instagram &

G-Shock watches by Casio have been a huge player in the fashion industry. They offer stylish

digital watches in a variety of colors. Although these watches do not contain diamonds, they

have become a staple in the fashion industry. G-Shock watches originally caught on in extreme

water sports because of their diverse features like being waterproof and showing the tide.

However the diversity and style has allowed them to become a player in everyday fashion. Their

price ranges anywhere from $69.95 - $1450. Get your men’s G-Shock digital watches here and

your Women’s line called “Baby-G” here.

2. KoZ Snapback Hats

Photo via Kozhat_offical Instagram

KoZ Snapback hats are interesting. KoZ is pronounced “cause” and that relates to their mission.

A portion of every sale is donated to the foundation connected to the cause that YOU choose.

The 8 different causes that you can currently support are Animals, Disaster, Education,

Environment, Health, Hunger, Music and Water. So not only are their hats a unique design, it’s a

conversation starter where you can help do your part in raising awareness for a KoZ that you

chose to help. Their price ranges from $27 - $33 and they offer free U.S. shipping everyday!

Check them out!

3. Pristine Streetwear T-Shirts

Watch Me Whip Tshirt by Pristine StreetwearNew York City Tshirt by Pristine Streetwear

Pristine Streetwear graphic tshirts are the latest fashion trend to hit the urban clothing scene.

Pristine’s cool tshirt designs for men and women are popping up all over schools and are quickly

moving up the back to school essentials list. Their most popular designs include some of the

hottest trends including their take on the ‘Watch Me Whip’ dance craze and several tshirts

repping famous cities such as the ‘New York City Skyline’ tshirt form their Loyalty collection.

Their tshirt designs embody the true meaning of what’s cool while maintaining a high quality

product. Check out the Summer Collection while the much anticipated Fall Collection is set to

drop just in time for school.


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