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Michael Beasley has quickly been grabbing the New York Media’s attention and Knicks fan's hearts. In an offseason in which we saw Carmelo Anthony get traded and Phil Jackson get fired, us Knicks fans could use a couple laughs and a new favorite player.

Beasley has been quoted saying he can average 25 points per game. Believe me, I truly hope this happens but like the rest of America we sincerely doubt it. B-easy wasn't done, he then went on to proclaim himself a “walking bucket” in an interview with the New York Post.




The former #2 pick in 2008 has had the city buzzing with his quotes and optimism. Even though the Knicks are in a rebuilding year, it will be entertaining to tune into all of Michael Beasley’s interviews.

We look forward to watching “Your Favorite Players’ Favorite Player” on and off the court all year long. B-easy even has a unique sense of style. In his sit down with SNY, he was spotted wearing a watch on each wrist as well as his ankle and had his finger nails painted. 

“I’m just finding a new balance … It’s the new catchphrase. I don’t have swag. I don’t have feng shui. I’m not cool. I’m just balanced … If you see anyone with a watch on their leg, they took my balance.”

Not sure if he is trying to be this era’s Dennis Rodman, but you better believe that he has quickly become one of my favorite New York Knicks.

How do you feel about him?




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