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With the NBA Season in full swing, here are Cbreezy and Wild Bill’s picks for the various end of year awards for the 2016-17 Season!



 james harden houston rockets mvp

Wild Bill (WB): James Harden
Most people would think the obvious choice is Curry, Lebron or Russell Westbrook but I tend to favor Harden here.  Before the season started I said his chances were high for the following reasons; he is the Rockets superstar, the addition of Mike D’Antoni’s offense that makes the game speed up means the sky’s the limit for James Harden offensively.  The move to PG only makes him more deadly, it’s hard not to imagine his numbers being in the 25pts/10ast/5reb range.

Runner Up: Russell Westbrook


Cbreezy(CB): Russell Westbrook


Now that Kevin Durant is gone, to no surprise, Oklahoma City is Russell Westbrook’s team. OKC is still considered a playoff team, however, the lack of depth/talent concerns me. This team is now being carried on the back of Russell Westbrook, who plays with so much passion and energy. He his a triple-double machine and it will not be shocking to see his averages close to it by years end.


Runner up: Anthony Davis



DPOY (Defensive Player of The Year)

 kawhi leonard defense dpoy



WB: Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi became a defensive force in the NBA Finals three years ago.  He has continued to make a name for himself as one of the best defensive players in the NBA.  He’s an anchor on a team right now that with the retirement of the great Tim Duncan needs someone to be the man, Leonard is that guy.
While I expect Leonard to run away with the award, keep an eye out for one of my favorite players to watch. Hassan Whiteside, expect him to be a dominant defensive force and taking that next step to becoming the defensive elite.

Runner Up: Hassan Whiteside


CB: Kawhi Leonard


Sorry for not really going out on a limb here, but he's the best defender in the league. He comes out and proves it every night. Even though he is being asked to score more, I do not foresee his effort on the defensive side of the ball decreasing. This guy straight up brings the lockdown defense night in and night out. They don’t call him “The Claw” for nothing. Oh yea, and, he can guard almost every position on the floor.


Runner Up: Jimmy Butler



6th Man of the Year

 eric gordon rockets 6th man of the year



WB: Andre Igoudala

Yes, the former NBA Finals MVP is my pick for the sixth man of the year.  With the GSW gaining that much more depth with the Kevin Durant signing Iggy has the opportunity in my eyes to become an even more valuable player.  I think of it similarly to J.R. Smith’s sixth man award “good enough to start, even better leading your second unit.” Oh, but with a lot less boneheaded plays.

Runner Up: Zach Randolph


CB: Eric Gordon


Eric Gordon is finally healthy and is a key part to the new fast paced, high octane offense in Houston. He began the season as a starter for the Rockets but is expected to be used as the 6th man once Beverley comes back from injury. He is averaging 15 PPG through the early part of the season and if he stays healthy, could take home the 6th Man Of The Year award.



Runner Ups: Lou Williams, Nikola Mirotić

Most Improved Player

 kristaps porzingis most improved player new york knicks



WB: Kristaps Porzingis (AKA GODZINGIS)

This has to be the hardest one for me because I do not want to sound like a homer but I have to go with a guy who if he was not in the same draft as “The KAT” would have been last year’s ROY.  With a point guard on the team who can actually run a pick and roll, the solid midrange game and still being able to hit a couple big threes a game. I see KP taking the next step in being a part of the NBAs young elite.

Runner Up: Giannis Anetokounmpo



CB: Myles Turner


Woah, the hype has been real. All the offseason talk about how he's is going to be a great player has paid off. He has shown up as the starting center for the Indiana Pacers. He has worked on his jump shot this offseason and it has paid dividends. He’s already starting to stretch the floor more and even added a 3-point shot. Continue to lookout for Myles Turner!


Runner up: Giannis Anetokounmpo




ROY (Rookie of The Year)

 joel the process embiid philadelphia 76ers



WB: Joel "The Process" Embiid
Watching this guy through two weeks has me really thinking that he has the opportunity to be something special.  Embiid has shown spots of pure athleticism and future star power.


Runner Up: Brandon Ingram


CB: Brandon Ingram


With Ben Simmons sidelined still, there aren’t too many rookies that are playing meaningful minutes. Brandon Ingram has been getting solid rotational minutes for the youthful and energetic Los Angeles Lakers. Brandon has been more than capable of scoring and it should be fun to watch him as he continues to develop his game.


Runner up: Kris Dunn



Coach of the Year

 mike budenholzer atlanta hawks coach of the year



WB: Brad Stevens
Plain and simple, if the plan that has been put in place in Boston continues, the Celtics will be major players in the Eastern Conference.  Brad Stevens is quickly gaining the respect of the rest of the league by getting the best out of his players night in and night out.

Runner Up: Greg Popovich


CB: Mike Budenholzer


The Hawks were kind of a team flying under the radar this offseason. They got rid of Jeff Teague to give more minutes to Dennis Schröder. They signed Dwight Howard, and lost Al Horford. They have started off strong and a lot of their success can be attributed to what Budenholzer has been able to get out of Dwight. He seems re-energized and refocused and he has been playing well.


Runner Up: Tom Thibodeau



BONUS:  The team I am most excited to watch this season (not named The Golden State Warriors).

minnesota timberwolves starting roster



WB: Minnesota Timberwolves

Let’s go through a checklist for what a team needs to be successful and exciting in today’s NBA


Great Centerpieces?
Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns enough said.
Exciting flashy player?
Great Head Coach?
Tom Thibodeau, he will make this team sharper and and more defensive minded.  

Couple that with him taking over as the President of Operations he has proven already that he has a system that works, bringing players like Rasual Butler that believe in the Thibodeau system.
(Personally, I wish he was the Knicks head coach).

CB: Minnesota Timberwolves


Last year, the most exciting team for me to watch was the Charlotte Hornets. I really loved their youth and underrated talent. They seemed to play with a lot of chemistry and had fun doing it. However, this offseason they lost Jeremy Lin to the Brooklyn Nets and their veteran leader of Al Jefferson to the Pacers. Anyway, I see a lot of those same qualities in this up and coming Timberwolves team. They have a lot of young talent in Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Gorgui Dieng, oh and last years ROY Karl Anthony-Towns. If you get the chance, try and catch as many as these games as you can…hopefully as the year goes on we will see them start to put together some more wins.


Runner up: Bucks, Heat

Let us know who you would choose!


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