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So in our last post, I said that last weeks games would be one of the best weeks of football (besides the Hou/NE game) and I  was right.  We were treated to some of the best football matchups of the year, and so far Cbreezy and myself are tied at 5-3 for our predictions.

Wasting no more time let's get to it.


Packers @ Falcons

so hot right now zoolander meme


CB: Am I drinking the HOTlanta Kool-aid?! Sure am! Their defense has stepped it up big time since the beginning of the year and their offense is number one league in both total points and points per game. Green Bay's defense is still lackluster and their offense will continue to ride solely on the back of Aaron Rodgers (who personally I believe is the best QB in the game, God I love him). However, I think Rodgers magic finally runs out on the road but this one will be a close one. I'm going Atlanta because they are so hot right now.

Star of the game: Julio Jones


WB: I have to say I cannot wait for this game.  This is gonna be a shootout and it's gonna be a great.  The league's best regular season offense versus’ the league’s hottest team right now.  GET YOUR POPCORN READY!!

While the Packers have been running the table, you cannot deny how well Atlanta has been playing.  Atlanta looks like a complete team and if you haven't taken them seriously I advise you to go back and watch last weeks game versus Seattle.

I expect a big day for the Julio Jones and Tevin Coleman (receiving wise).

Unfortunately for Green Bay while they are getting hot at the right time, they are also getting injured at the wrong time.  Mike McCarthy coming out and saying if this was a regular season game the injured players wouldn't be playing, that says something to their condition.

I agree with CBreezy, the Rodgers magic is running on “E”. Couple that with his healthiest pass catcher is probably Jared Cook, yes Jared Cook who has probably had more passes hit him in the chest plate then he's actually caught with his hands.  The Atlanta defense is all about speed and the Improv Master (and arguably the NFLs best quarterback) Rodgers may not be able to do it all by himself.

I’m taking Atlanta by a touchdown.

Star of the game: Julio Jones/Tevin Coleman


Steelers @ Patriots

steelers vs pats 2016 conference championships


CB: The matchup that I am looking forward to most this weekend, Pittsburgh going on the road to Foxborough. These two teams squared off week 7 in Pittsburgh where New England won 27-16 vs a Big Ben-less Steelers. Although, the Steelers couldn't find the endzone last week vs a very stout KC defense, their 18 points were enough to hold off the underwhelming Chiefs offense. This week I believe that they are playing the complete opposite team than their previous openent (KC). The Patriots have a very multiple, high octane offense with an "average" defense. Despite the Patriots defense leading the regular season in least amount of PPG allowed. I believe that this number is skewed based on their weak schedule that included teams like the Texans (shutout), Browns (13), 49ers (17), Jets (17, 3), Rams (10), etc. I also believe that Pittsburgh should be able to find the endzone more than the previous week. I think this game will come down to the Steelers defense which has been on fire so far this post season. It may be wishful thinking but I'm going with the Steelers!

Star of the game: Steelers Defense


WB: Speaking of hot teams, the two teams in the AFC Championship are red hot right now.  The Steelers have now won nine in a row with two of those games being in the playoffs.  Now while there has been a lot of talk about talents of Ben, Bell and Brown (unfortunately for Brown probably the silliest reason to be in the news) we can’t overlook the Steelers defense.  The Steelers defense has given up less than 17 points per game during this stretch and only 28 points over these previous 2 playoff games.

The only negative I can say about the Steelers right now is they went 0-4 in the red zone last week scoring 18 points via Boswell field goals.  I think we can all agree that won’t get it done against the Patriots.

It goes without saying, Big Ben is better than Brock Osweiler and where Osweiler couldn’t take advantage of the Patriot miscues I think Ben will make them pay.  The key to the game for me is to slow Brady down and if there is a defense that can do it I think it’s the Steelers.

I’m taking the Steelers by a Boswell field goal.

Star(s) of the game: Steelers Defense


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    OK if you clowns are going Steelers Falcons then Im going Packers Patriots to set up a long awaited rematch for new England to avenge their defeat to Favre back in 96.

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