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Now that the 2016-2017 NFL season is officially in the books, let’s go back and reexamine last Aprils draft, and see what the picks should have been. Wild Bill and Steve T breakdown these “re-drafts” with 2 different rules. Check it out and let us know where they went wrong!

Wild Bill

Here’s the catch, we are going to go back to the original draft order, before all the trades were made for the top 5 picks.

So just to refresh your memories the picks were as follows:

  1. Titans
  2. Browns
  3. Chargers
  4. Cowboys
  5. Jaguars

With that being said, the Tennessee Titans are on the clock

  1. Tennessee Titans: Joey Bosa, DL, Ohio State:

Titans take Bosa here, the DROY put up great numbers as a rookie with 10.5 sacks and just over 40 tackles.  Oh, did I forget to mention he missed a quarter of his season?  

While the Titans made a great selection in the actual draft of Jack Conklin, Bosa would be too much too pass up.  The Titans would have found the magic that their defense is looking for.

  1. Cleveland Browns: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Let me get this out of the way, I do not think that Dak would have made the type of impact that he made in Dallas. The Browns roster is severely worse than the Cowboys and I do not think Dak would have been able to produce in the same way.

However the Browns need, NEED their franchise QB and Dak’s talent and poise would be a welcomed and much needed change for the Browns franchise.

  1. San Diego Chargers: Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State

jalen ramsey redraft 2016 nfl draft

The Chargers took Joey Bosa in the original draft and since he’s gone I think they stay defense and take one of the most impressive rookie defensive players in this year’s draft.  Jalen Ramsey fills the hole left by Eric Weddles departure.  A nice CB trio of Verrett, Hayward and Ramsey would have the Bolts secondary set for the next few years.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

First, following a common theme if Joey Bosa is there I think the Cowboys take him.  That seems to be the one thing that Rod Marinelli’s defense is missing.

Unfortunately for Dallas, Bosa went at #1 so they need to look at another hole on their roster.  

That brings us to 1,600 yards/15 TDS/ 5.1 YPC aka Ezekiel Elliott.  
Unlike most, I don’t agree with the “anyone can run behind the Dallas O-line” narrative.  
Zeke is a special talent, with awesome vision, and the perfect combo of speed/power.  

He is exactly what the Cowboys need and is the right pick.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State

Jack Conklin was awesome this year as a rookie and a great pick by the Titans.  He brought more physicality to the Titans offensive line. Just imagine what he would do for the Jags and Blake Bortles.  Putting it simply, he would strengthen the offensive line, which would lead to a better run game, and thus making it easier on Blake Bortles to throw the ball.


Steve T

  For this exercise, I will not be projecting trades.  The trades that occurred prior and during the draft will have happened, I will merely be slotting the player whom I think should have been taken at that spot. 


  1. Los Angeles Rams

Original pick: Jared Goff – QB, Cal.

New Pick: Jack Conklin – OT, Mich. ST

Jeff Fisher never wanted any part of the trade up to number one.  Going into April’s draft, Fisher wanted to continue to run the ball, and continue to play exceptional defense with his outstanding DLine.  This time around Fisher gets his way with the selection of the NFL All Pro.  Drafting Conklin allows them to keep versatile Roger Saffold at LG, and play Conklin at LT.  If former 2nd overall pick Greg Robinson decides to get himself back in shape you’re looking at an offensive line that is amongst the best in the league.  Couple that with Todd Gurley, and a defense that dominates in the trenches and we have ourselves a football team.  Life for Case Keenum just got much better.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

                Original Pick: Carson Wentz – QB, NDSU

                New Pick: Ezekiel Elliot – RB, OSU

zeke elliot redraft 2016 nfl draft

In 2016 Sam Bradford broke the record for the highest completion percentage in NFL history at 71.6% for the Vikings.  With Zeke now in town, Bradford is firmly entrenched as the starting QB in Philly.  Zeke is an absolute monster with an all-around game we haven’t seen at the position since Matt Forte came out.  Philly now has its bell cow to help control the ball, and put their QB in favorable down and distances to keep the chains and the clock moving.  Bradford’s job is easy, hit the open man on second and third and short, and don’t turn the ball over.  Sound familiar?  We might have seen this recipe work for 13 wins somewhere else this season.

  1. San Diego Chargers

                Original Pick: Joey Bosa – DE, OSU

                New Pick: Joey Bosa – DE, OSU

The Chargers get to run to podium a second time with their DROY and future star Joey Bosa.  Bosa got pressure on the QB at a rate we’ve rarely seen from rookies.   Despite playing only 563 snaps, roughly 53% of the defensive snaps for the season, Bosa had a whopping 10.5 sacks and 29 TFL.  The only place to go is up for Bosa who will be participating in his FIRST training camp for the Chargers in 2017.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

                Original Pick: Ezekiel Elliot – RB, OSU

                New Pick:  Jalen Ramsey – DB, FSU

With Zeke off the board, Dallas will hand they keys to their running game to Alfred Morris and Run DMC.  With Romo running out of time in his NFL career the Boys select Jalen Ramsey to shore up the back end of the defense.  With up and coming safety Byron Jones entering his second season, Ramsey’s addition gives the Cowboys the most athletic secondary in football.  Ramsey appears to be a lock to become a shutdown CB, coming on very strong the last month of the season.  With Brandon Carr, Mo Claiborne, Barry Church, and JJ Wilcox all playing on the last year of their deals in 2016, secondary is a big time area of need moving forward for this team. 

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

                Original Pick:  Jalen Ramsey – DB, FSU

                New Pick:  Ronnie Stanley – OT, ND

With Ramsey off the board the Jags are presented with an easy decision.  The previous season the Jags signed LT kelvin Beachum to a 1 year $5 million contract, with a 4-year team option worth $45 million.  Beachum was a huge disappointment in 2015 and the draft presents itself an easy fix.  There are two blue chip LT’s remaining on the board and I prefer the longer armed Ronnie Stanley to Taylor Decker.  The offense is now loaded.  With Bortles coming off a 35 TD 18 INT season, the O-Line is now set, the WR core is set, and adding FA RB Chris Ivory to pair with TJ Yeldon 2016 is trending up for the Gus Bradley lead Jags.    

  1. Baltimore Ravens

                Original Pick: Ronnie Stanley – OT, ND

                New Pick: Taylor Decker – OT, OSU

The 2016 NFL draft class is surprisingly very strong at the OT positions.  With Stanley gone here, we replace him with Taylor Decker.  Paired on the left side with All-World LG Marshal Yanda, Decker now protects elite Flacco’s blindside and helps anchor this O-line.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

                Original Pick: Deforest Buckner – DL, Ore.

                New Pick: Dak Prescot – QB, Miss. St.

Chip Kelly better get his QB and fast!  Although Dak has some accuracy issues, he’s still the best QB of the class.  He’s just what Chip needs to run his offense, as Dak offers a rare blend of size and mobility at the position.  Dak won’t lose you games with bad decisions, however with a team devoid of talent, he might not be winning many either.

  1. Tennessee Titans

                Original Pick: Jack Conklin – OT, MSU

                New Pick: Michael Thomas – WR, OSU

All pro OT Jack Conklin is long gone, so instead of protecting franchise QB Marcus Mariotta we will give him a much needed weapon.  Thomas comes in measuring 6’3” 212 lbs.  He isn’t a threat to beat you over the top much, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for in pure size and strength.  Although his numbers won’t be as good with Mariota as they were with Brees, he will fit nicely in the big power physical scheme Mike Mularky wants to run in Tennesse.

  1. Chicago Bears

                Original Pick: Leonard Floyd – Edge, UG

                New Pick:  Carson Wentz – QB, NDSU

Wentz finds himself in a good situation up in Chicago.  He’ll have huge weapons in Alshon Jeffrey and Kevin White, as well as a good TE in Zach Miller.  John Fox gets his new QB with strong weapons to help develop him, defense and RB will have to be addressed later in the draft.

  1. New York Giants

                Original Pick:  Eli Apple – CB, OSU

                New Pick: Laremy Tunsil – OT, ND

The selection of Tunsil improves a dreadful O-line that couldn’t protect Eli, or run against anybody on key downs.  GM Jerry Reese won’t want to admit his mistake of drafting Ereck Flowers just the previous year, but for the sake of his job, he is going to.  Flowers is still a very young player at only 22 years old, and he can resurrect his career by moving to RT at the start of camp.  With Tunsil at LT and Flowers moving to the right side, this previously atrocious unit now starts to look somewhat formidable. 

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                Original Pick:  Vernon Hargraves III – CB, UF

                New Pick:  Tyreek Hill – WR/RB, W. Alabama

Tough decision for the Bucs here.  With Brent and Miko Grimes coming to town their need at CB is greatly reduced.  On offense, they might have the slowest unit in all of football, on a team that has Jameis ready to throw all day and night.  On one hand, Will Fuller has a better skillset for Coach Koetter’s vertical passing system.  On the other hand Tyreek Hill has shown speed we haven’t seen on a football field from a rookie in quite a long time.  Hill is better suited for a west coast offense, however he’s just simply way too good to pass up on here.

  1. New Orleans Saints

                Original Pick:  Sheldon Rankins – DT, Louis.

                New Pick:  Chris Jones – DT, Miss. St.

Brees is going to put up numbers and keep the chains moving no matter who his weapons are.  The defense is just dreadful.  Chris Jones is the easy pick here.  With Cameron Jordon amongst the best in the league, the addition of the interior pass rusher could take him to a whole new level.  The Saints originally selected Rankins to help in the rush defense, as well as provide a strong pass rush from the inside.  The player that fits that bill on an NFL field is Chris Jones, and here he is, nicely gift wrapped sitting there for the Saints in our 2016 NFL Redraft.

  1. Miami Dolphins

                Original Pick: Laremy Tunsil – OL, Ole Miss

                New Pick: Eli Apple – CB, OSU

eli apple redraft 2016 nfl draft

Going into the 2016 season with Byron Maxwell and Tony Lippett won’t scare anyone.  Although Maxwell ended up having a decent year, there is still plenty of room to upgrade the position.  There were actually a ton of very good, promising corners to come out of this draft. However, of the ones remaining I prefer Apple.  He has terrific size and length to him, as well as being just 20 years old at the time of the draft, the future is bright for him.

  1. Oakland Raiders

                Original Pick: Karl Joseph – S, WVU

                New Pick: Keanu Neal – S, UF

The Raiders offense looks scary for years to come so that side of the ball is set.  Originally, the Raiders selected Joseph from WVU, and he’s performed very well for them.  The better pick though, is Keanu Neal.  Neal looks like a big time impact player, spending his 2016 flying all over the field for the super bowl runner up falcons.  Neal looks like a future NFL star, sooner rather than later.

  1. Cleveland Browns

                Original Pick: Corey Coleman - WR, Baylor            

                New Pick:  Deforest Buckner – DL, Ore.

The Browns lack of talent is almost laughable.  I honestly feel bad for Hue Jackson, a legitimate good offensive coach, stuck in Brownstown.  I give them Buckner here over the original pick, on a team that needs talent at every position.  By pairing Buckner at the 5 Tech with Nose Tackle Danny Shelton, I’ve actually created a strength for the Browns!  Shelton already is already in the top five run stuffers in all of football, pairing him with Buckner in his ideal scheme fit as 3-4 DE, and BAM. Try running on the Browns now, you’ll be forced to throw all game.  Can they stop it……? No.

  1. Detroit Lions

                Original Pick:  Taylor Decker – OT, OSU

                New Pick:  Jordan Howard – RB, UAB

Detroit’s inability to run the ball cost them a playoff spot.  Jordan Howard had over 1,300 rushing yards as a rookie, despite not starting until week 4.  If Jim Bob Cooter commits to any sort of running game, imagine how scary the offense can become.  With Ameer Abdullah taking Theo Riddick’s spot as the receiving back, the new bell cow in Howard will provide just the thing to open up the field for Stafford and the Lions.

  1. Atlanta

                Original Pick: Keanu Neal – S, UF

                New Pick:  Karl Joseph – S, WVU

Sorry Atlanta, your star safety I gone.  Consolation prize: you get the starting quality Karl Joseph instead.  Not a bad prize in all honesty.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

                Original Pick: Ryan Kelly – C, Bama

                New Pick:  Cody Whitehair – G/C – Ka. St

Whitehair is on the fast track to top 5 center in NFL.  Whitehair anchored the Bears Oline as a rookie in 2016 and was consistently mentioned as the group’s top player on the season.  Indy has failed to help their franchise QB over the last few seasons and he’s taken a beating.  The Colts address part of the issue here, and should look to get Luck more help later in the draft.

  1. Buffalo Bills

                Original Pick: Shaq Lawson – EDGE, Clemson

                New Pick:   Deion Jones – LB, LSU

The 2016 Bills were an interesting team. Rex wanted to continue to run the ball and play solid D.  Their first pick of the 2016 draft, Shaq Lawson missed 6 games.  2nd Rd pick Reggie Ragland, expected to be a starting ILB for the Bills missed the entire season due to injury.  Even with the loss of 2 projected starters the Bills were in the top 10 in both rush and pass defense.  So I guess they were bad because they didn’t run the ball right? Wrong. They were first in rushing, as well as having a +6 turnover differential.  Plain and simple, without 2 key members of the team Rex Ryan did exactly what he set out to do in camp, run the ball and play good defense.  Instead ill point to the Bills 6 losses by 6 points or less as the reason for their 7-9 record.  In this redraft Rex takes Deion Lewis to lead his LB’s.  We all remember him flying around the field making play after play for Atlanta throughout their 2016 playoff run.  Maybe in the replay of the season Buffalo pulls out some of those close games.

  1. New York Jets

Original Pick:  Darron Lee – LB, OSU

New Pick:  James Bradberry  - CB, Samford

It appears that Darron Lee is just a workout warrior and not a football player.  He has some time to put it all together, however the Jets are going to pass on him here.  With Revis getting up there in age and Dee Milliner just being truly bad at football, the Jets take Bradberry, and get a sure fire hit at CB.  Bradberry has excellent size and athleticism.  After Julio Jones torched the Panthers for 300 yards, Bradberry took over at the starting CB position and hasn’t looked back.  Another excellent CB this draft produced.

  1. Houston Texans

                Original Pick: Will Fuller – WR, ND

                New Pick: Corey Coleman – WR, Baylor

Coleman is a speedy wideout from Baylor that missed several weeks of the season due to a broken wrist.  With shoddy quarterback play in Cleveland it was tough to get a true evaluation of him during his rookie season.  What we do know is he can absolutely fly, and we do know he has better hands than Will Fuller, making him the pick to take the top off the defense with Brock Osweiler delivering him the ball.

  1. Redskins

                Original Pick: Josh Doctson – WR, TCU

                New Pick: Jarran Reed – DL, Bama

Doctson was a non-factor as a rookie, meaning the Skins can take anybody else left and pretty much improve.  With Ziggy Hood and his atrocious line play hurting the team, we pencil in elite run stopping extraordinaire Jarran Reed.  Reed can play along Washington’s 3-4 DL and immediately upgrade their desperately in need of improvement rush defense.  He is a day 1 starter and an immediate impact on first downs.  Aside from that however don’t expect much.  He won’t be on the field on passing downs. Regardless, the Redskins nab a big time upgrade for their D Line.

  1. Vikings

                Original Pick: Laquan Treadwell – Wr, Ole Miss

                New Pick: Ryan Kelly – C/G, Bama

As with the Redskins, the Vikings pick hardly played so anyone else here helps.  Bring on Ryan Kelly.  Solid in pass protection.  Learning on the fly in the run game.  Ryan Kelly can play anywhere on the interior of the bad Vikings line and help out.  He starts and helps from day one of camp.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

                Original Pick:  William Jackson III – CB, Hou

                New Pick: Will Fuller – WR, ND

will fuller redraft 2016 nfl draft

Pure burner to stretch the D and get focus away from AJ.  Questionable hands, but speed that isn’t seen too frequently.  Get him down the field and get the attention off AJ.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

                Original Pick: Arti Burns – DB, Miami

                New Pick: Rashard Robinson – CB, LSU

Arti Burns was not a bad pick, but Rashard Robinson is better.  Coming out of LSU he had all the talent, but all the character risks.  He was one of if not the very best press corner in the draft, and after a tremendous rookie season with the 49ers he gets the nod here over Arti Burns.  His extreme length, similar to DRC should be a nice addition to the bump and run zone the Steelers had Arti Burns play…except better.

  1. Denver Broncos

                Original Pick: Paxton Lynch – QB, Memphis

                New Pick: Hunter Henry – TE, Ark.

Henry had a nice rookie season in SD.  Here he moves to Denver to give new QB Trevor Siemian a true “security blanket” over the middle.  Adding Henry to the Denver offense makes this team more complete.  The defense is going to lead the way, and the offense now has the firepower to properly defend their crown.


  1. Green Bay Packers

                Original Pick: Kenny Clark – DT, UCLA

                New Pick:  Nick Kwiatkowski – ILB, WVU

GB played the 2016 season with a constantly injured LB core that included Jake Ryan, and Blake Martinez.  Kwiatkowski came one late in the season and seems like he’s going to be a tackle machine.  The guy has natural instincts and although isn’t a workout warrior with crazy combine numbers, he has pure football player written all over him.  Kenny Clark played 320 snaps as a rookie, rotating in on the Packers D line and didn’t show much.  He appears to be a marginal player along the line, therefore I chose to upgrade the Packers linebacking core instead.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

                Original Pick: Josh Garnett – OG, Stanford

                New Pick: Leonard Floyd – EDGE, UGA

Floyd is an interesting player.  He finished the year with 7 sacks had an okay start, looked to blossom in the middle of the year, and then sort of flamed out at the end.  I personally don’t love him, but the potential is there.  It’s going to be hard for him to play as a 240 pound edge player for 3 downs.  I can see Floyd is going to take a beating and break down.  Playing purely as a stand up edge rusher gives him the best chance to succeed in the NFL, and that’s where he’ll play in San Fran.  He could end up being the best pass rusher in this draft, which would make this a steal. More likely though, we’ll see him finish out his rookie contract with a bunch of 6-9 sack seasons, than fizzle out with a second contract somewhere else as a veteran pass rusher.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

                Original Pick: Robert Nkemdiche – DL, Ole Miss

                New Pick: Arti Burns – DB, Miami

Nkemdiche came in to the NFL full of red flags, and did nothing but rationalize all the red flags.  The Cards wish they could have this pick back and luckily, they now have it back.  With the new pick, they take Miami CB Arti Burns.  Another player in the very solid rookie DB class, Burns has supreme speed, and improved as the year went on.  He was primarily used in bump and run in Pittsburg, and I see him used in a similar fashion in Arizona. Burns teams up with Patrick Peterson as well as Honey Badger, and underrated Toney Jefferson to make up a top end secondary.

  1. Panthers

                Original Pick: Vernon Butler – DT, La Tech

                New Pick: Vernon Hargraves III CB, UF

Tons of talent coming out of college didn’t show up for Hargraves in the NFL.  He gave up 1,000 yards when targeted as a rookie.  Fortunately for him he has all the ability and athleticism to turn it around.  As for the selection here, Ben Benwikere is going to be a starting CB entering the 2016 season.  Let’s address that issue right here, right now.


  1. Seattle Seahawks

                Original Pick: Germain Ifedi, OL, Texas A/m

                New Pick: Joe Thuney OG, NC St.

Are the Seahawks trying to kill Russell Wilson!?  Ifedi is the worst player on one of the worst offensive lines in football.  Let’s fix this mistake now.  Thuney started all 16 regular season games and all three playoff games for the Pats.  There is more work to do on that offensive line, but you need to start somewhere.


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