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It's almost Super Sunday, which can only mean one thing. Get ready to empty your wallets (if you haven't already) because everyone you know will bully you into gambling your soul away with all the different pools they have. It starts with the Super Bowl boxes, but it has evolved into much more. The biggest rage for the past 5-10 years has been the "Party Prop Sheets". Since The Super Bowl attracts such a large audience, Vegas has been known to set weird prop bets such as: The Gatorade color, how long the national anthem will go, the coin toss, etc. This year I decided to take a Party Prop Sheet from The Bovada (find your sheet here) and post my picks. When I get them all completely wrong feel free to make fun of me in the comment section.


Some Quick Highlights from my picks:

- Over 2:09 on The National Anthem - Luke Bryan seems like a conceited person, I think he holds some notes a little longer here to soak up the fame.

- Bill Belichick being the first coach mentioned - I think this happens within the first 30 seconds after kickoff, the media can barely go 5 minutes without mentioning him and Brady's love affair.

- Patriots winning - Did I really just pick The Patriots to win?! Yea. As you know I've been picking every game during the playoffs and I've been wrong a lot. I'm hoping to be wrong again.

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